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Industrial Design plays a preeminent role in shaping the future of products.

Current Product Design is a complex field. It's no longer 'just' a question of developing beautiful and easy-to-use products for an offline (object) or online (screen) experience. The focus has expanded to the full customer journey. As Industrial Designers, we build relationships between people and devices. It goes way beyond look and feel, ergonomics, and how graphical interfaces are created. That's why Industrial Design plays a preeminent role in shaping the future of products, turning digital into physical.
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Innovation is about leadership – not new ideas.

Today, the challenge is not about generating yet another new or better idea to be more innovative. Our world is already overflowing with new concepts, technologies, and features. Instead, it’s about making sense of the opportunities that we already have in front of us and discovering new meaningful directions that help us imagine it forward.

Technology Design is the Future.

The last twenty years, there has been a rapid progress in technologies, requiring a new balance of skills from designers to make them accessible and useful in products, services and experiences. It all comes down to the new practice of technology design by technology designers.