Innovation is about leadership – not new ideas.

Today, the challenge is not about generating yet another new or better idea to be more innovative. Our world is already overflowing with new concepts, technologies, and features. Instead, it’s about making sense of the opportunities that we already have in front of us and discovering new meaningful directions that help us imagine it forward.

The search for new visions and meaning is a core responsibility of leaders. This is why our greatest innovation challenge today is a leadership challenge. By leveraging the power of design, the most innovative leaders can transform products, organizations, and society into new and more meaningful directions. The most innovative companies will succeed by introducing new and more useful meanings to people, that connect to fundamental needs while adapting to a world in constant flux.

Design is ultimately about making sense of things, in addition to the look, feel, and function of a product. Through design, you are led with developed principles, methods, and tools to successfully address innovation and leadership.

Henrik Jensfelt is specialized in the design of new and more useful meanings for people and organizations – empowered by connectivity and digital technologies.