Industrial Design plays a preeminent role in shaping the future of products.

Current Product Design is a complex field. It’s no longer ‘just’ a question of developing beautiful and easy-to-use products for an offline (object) or online (screen) experience. The focus has expanded to the full customer journey. As Product Designers, we build relationships between people and devices. We turn digital into physical because human interactions are physical. This work goes way beyond look and feel, ergonomics, and how graphical interfaces are created. That’s why Industrial Design plays a preeminent role in shaping the future of products, turning digital into physical.

From AI to 5G, machine learning, and sensors to natural interfaces, industrial designers are exploring how cutting-edge technology can create a more natural, responsive, and genuine user experience. 5G is a significant paradigm shift enabling a very different future, allowing us to turn digital into physical. As other technologies develop around 5G, so will the future of products and their meanings. AI can help us make products sustainable with a positive impact on our planet. However, most people believe AI works like humans, but that’s incorrect. Each detail of the experience needs to be lined out, i.e., designed. AI then connects with the condition, identifies a pattern and plans according to the event.

In the end, product design is all about the customer journey.

Essentially you need to create the dynamics to reach the intended sensation, similar to a writer or moviemaker with us industrial designers connecting to the producers to inspire how we design the product and create the dynamics of feeling. Design is about creating better and more sustainable customer behavior, and technology can be used as a positive tool for growth. As an Industrial Designer, you can make it all look, feel, and work beautifully. Industrial Design plays a preeminent role in shaping the future of products.

HENRIK JENSFELT is a passionate, committed, value-oriented design leader with 20+ years of experience in the Mobile, Connected, On-body, Professional & Consumer Electronics industry. He helps clients unleash the value of design and create the future of products.