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Envisioning new opportunities in wearable tech and connected products, I give leaders the confidence to pioneer — beautiful, sustainable, and profitable products for future growth.

✓ Identify your opportunities

✓ Boost your development

✓ Grow your business

✓ Identify your opportunities

✓ Boost your development

✓ Grow your business

Innovate how you innovate
Despite a wealth of ideas, do you still struggle to innovate your product and do it sustainably? Have you spent tons of money on arbitrary ideas only to get nothing back? You might have a problem with your innovation process.
If you do, I can help.
Envision your opportunities

Give leaders the
confidence to pioneer.

I take clients through three phases using an agile innovation process and experiments to envision beautiful, sustainable, and profitable proposals for future growth.

01. Clarify direction

02. Create concepts

03. Craft proposal

To innovate your product, the biggest challenge is not to create another idea but to make sense of the new opportunities in front of you. As a first step, you need to develop one robust vision that is meaningful to your customers and your business.


Clarify direction

Too often, companies skip this crucial first step on their innovation journey. To begin with a new vision that redefines the problems worth addressing. I work with stakeholders to identify a new direction for the product that is meaningful.


Create concepts

We generate new concepts that envision your new direction and define new product opportunities – attractive, sustainable, and profitable.


Craft proposal

Most designers focus on how things look, but a complete product proposal must also work and feel right to succeed. My design, technology, and business background helps you take your product innovation to the next level – envisioning your future product. 

Co-creating with
my favorite people.

I collaborate with progressive people and companies that are leaders in their field, including entrepreneurs, architects, photographers, interaction designers, technologists, fashion professionals, prototypers, and makers.

What they say...

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smarter products.

Henrik Jensfelt Design

Henrik Jensfelt Design is a progressive industrial design studio working independently and with clients worldwide to create new opportunities through products, technology, fashion, and mobility.
I noticed a pattern from working with a broad spectrum of tech companies and startups on product innovation. Despite a wealth of ideas, most companies struggle to innovate – and do it sustainably. That's why my innovation process leads beyond ideas with a new and meaningful direction and takes inspiration from nature's proven strategies to envision new opportunities. As a result, I give leaders the confidence to pioneer beautiful, sustainable, and profitable products for future growth.

Why work with Henrik?

Lead innovation and design 
20+ years of experience leading design and front-end innovation of products internationally — across brands, corporates, and consultancies. As Head of Design for Sony in China, my design team completed 13 projects within 18 months for a global market.
100+ products launched
A proven track record for designing and building innovative products. Completed a vast variety of design and innovation projects for global companies. Commercialized more than 100 products — Sony Ericsson K750i alone sold 15 million units in one year alone.
I'm not an agency
You work directly with me and I'm the only contact point you’ll ever have. I’ll never outsource your work. You'll get a dedicated expert in product innovation and design — who remains hands-on.
imagine it forward

How to get started?


Exploratory Call

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We’ll start out by talking on the phone to get a sense of what your challenges are right now, what you’ve tried so far, and if I'm the right guide for you.


Custom Proposal

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If I think I can help you successfully innovate your product, I’ll put together a proposal which will serve as the playbook for getting you the results you deserve.


Get Results

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I'll take the guesswork out of clarifying your direction, creating concepts, and crafting your product proposal that gives you the confidence to pioneer.

Find out how to innovate the way you innovate with my free downloadable guide.