It's an extraordinary thing.

By staying connected to your digital world, your things can do so much more. This discreet smart-pod concept connects your physical life to digital services and information.
Big tech small pod.
The discreet pod connects your physical things to digital services and information. It’s connected via Bluetooth® and communicates with apps.
Just the way you like it.
Personalize your things by selecting the abilities you want to use. The more digital services are added, the more your things become uniquely yours.
The Smart Pod is a full-scale digital technology platform created for smart apparel, footwear, and other everyday things. With an advanced hardware, software, unique materials, and manufacturing know-how, the platform enables partner brands to integrate connectivity and digital experiences directly into their products.
How it Works

A new way
of interaction.

wearable tech ring
Whether it's a watch, a racket or a shoe, the Smart Pod can be seamlessly integrated into the design of the product.
It's a tiny computer connecting to an app and translating interactions into commands that the app can execute.

Connect your favorite game.

Play Connected.
A first of its kind gaming technology for sports, that creates a new experience by connecting physical gear and digital gaming.
Sophisticatedly Made.
Combining products of world-class brands with the Smart Pod technology, will create beautiful products that do more by integrating new digital experiences and services.
Sony Mobile
Creative Direction, Industrial Design