Head's up Revolution

A new audiovisual experience.

Let the world enjoy a new and truly mobile experience of communication entertainment — handsfree, anywhere, anytime. A visionary project to study the potential of a more humanized, head's up audio-visual experience.
A pair of headphones that allow people to listen to streaming music and read an e-book at the same time – hands-free and head's up – by integrating a complete audiovisual system into the universally worn headphones. Many people use/view content on their smartphones while listening to audio at the same time – walking, running, commuting, playing, working, and training. But a tethered audiovisual player, like the smartphone, can get in the way – the best player would be built into something you're already wearing.
That way, you could listen to songs while using/viewing visual content and remain fully handsfree and head's up. It would have no wires or cords that dangle and tangle or speaker buds that fall out of your ears. We solved all this by integrating a complete audiovisual system into a pair of performance headphones. The world's first connected, audiovisual headwear, combining the best handsfree visual experience with killer audio. 
Sony Mobile
Innovation, Creative Direction, Industrial Design