I team up with bold brands, impact organizations, and cross-functional teams. Imagine it forward with new technology and rethink the convergence of digital, service, and product. In collaboration, we turn new directions into innovative concepts and finished solutions — that people will love to use every day.
Front End Innovation
I help you define what to build and why.

Companies often skip this vital step in their product innovation journey. It's a powerful catalyst for spinning new revenue opportunities and future-proofing innovations. I work with stakeholders to envision a clear direction of what we are building, for whom, and why.
Product DESIGN & Development
I design how it looks, how it works, and how it feels.

Most designers focus on how things look, but if your product doesn't work and feel the way your customers expect, it will not succeed. Since my clients' success is my source of pride, it drives me to consistently and reliably deliver products and experiences that lead industries and define categories.
I unite world-class teams to design, build, and launch your product.

I have numerous years of experience in leading teams – from global design organizations in multiple locations at Sony to smaller cross-functional groups for innovation projects with clients. Throughout the entire innovation process, I lead and design fluently, from upstream strategy and conception to detailed design and implementation.
I apply two decades of innovative design practice, deep industry experience, and customer insights expertise. In close collaboration with my clients, I help envision new products and genuinely creative customer experiences. So far, I've brought 100's successful, award-winning products to life in wearable consumer electronics, connected products, and IoT.
— Henrik Jensfelt
Henrik Jensfelt in action

How WE can work together

Every client has different needs and every project has different demands. A flexible approach to collaborative creativity allows me to match your parameters. These are three ways I typically engage with clients.
Need a quick creative boost for your team? I can create a custom-tailored workshop around a specific category or topic to work through with your teams. Workshops are typically 2-3 days in length, require a week of prep, and a follow-up week to document all of the outputs.
An exclusive design process allows me to collaboratively create the right approach for your specific project whether that is in product design, design strategy, creative direction, or all of the above. I'll make sure that the outcome includes what you need.
Sometimes I get into a consistent workflow with a partner where I'm consulting often and regularly across a broad range of projects. In this scenario a creative retainer allows us both to keep it fast and loose so we can have the maximum impact and agility.

the type of work I Do

Smart Home & Appliances
Consumer Electronics
Mobile & Computing
Health & Wellness
Commercial Equipment