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design and innovation of better meanings.

Henrik Jensfelt

Speaking & Coaching Design

My work as designer and design leader takes me all over the world. From Stockholm to Singapore, Beijing, Paris, New York, Dubai and London. It gives me a lot of inspiration to learn and think in new ways about product development, creativity and design. I get to meet with brilliant people that inspire me to stay curious and keep on imagine, create and implement better meanings for people and our world.

In lectures and workshops, I share my experience and knowledge on how to deal with the rapid changes in our society when it comes to design and design-driven innovation. Smart connectivity, product design, creativity and how to build innovative and creative cultures; all the way down to designing and building successful digital/physical interaction in products – that people love.

I'm always looking forward to the next time I get to share a stage with a curious audience.  Please feel free to reach out, if you’re interested in having me speak or host a workshop at your event.
I love to imagine, design, and inspire. I work as the Chief Creative Director for Sigma Connectivity specializing in product design, experience innovation, and critical thinking.

Henrik Jensfelt
Malmö, Sweden
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