Design that speaks human.

Designing better meanings with technology

I believe in putting people before technology to design better meanings. Our job as designers is to understand people’s everyday challenges and to use technology to solve them. As products and services become more connected and complex, the task for designers remain – to make experiences meaningful and interactions simple. I'd like to call it Humane Design.

In my work, I continuously explore how new trends and technologies will impact people's lives and our society in the future. With a humane design approach, we will be able to create experiences for people that speak human in a digital world.

In this blog, I occasionally share my thoughts on humane design, design-driven innovation and technology.

Design-driven Innovation

What does IKEA, Nespresso, and Airbnb have in common? They are all companies that use design as a driver for continuous innovation and growth.
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I love to imagine, design, and inspire. I work as the Head of Design for Sigma Connectivity. Specializing in product design, experience innovation, and critical thinking.

Henrik Jensfelt
Malmö, Sweden
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