I am Henrik Jensfelt.
Design that speaks human
in a digital world.

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"Design that speaks human in a digital world."

Powered by an everlasting curiosity and drive to create and realize new meanings and solutions for people and a better world. Applying a less-but-better approach to design by focusing on the essentials.
Henrik Jensfelt
Head of Design
In 2015, I joined forces with Sigma Connectivity as Head of Design. Sparked by the crying need from companies to gain relevance with customers in a smart connected world, I'm excited to run a design agency, capable of realizing smart connected experiences – from direction, creation and design to manufacturing and market launch – all under one roof.
I bring over two decades of hardcore industry experience in design and design leadership from global telecom and consumer electronics. Most recently, I was leading product design teams for Sony Mobile Sweden, specializing in innovation and design of smartphones, wearables and new devices. In the past, I've worked in Beijing, as Head of UX Creative Design Center Sony Ericsson, setting up and leading multidisciplinary design teams from, China, Japan, Sweden and US. I always practice my leadership with hands-on design to never stop learning how to create the best customer experiences in the world.
I work with companies to improve brands, create meaningful change and design great products.
I facilitate collaborative workshops which are often the fastest way to crack a tough design challenge.
I advice VCs, CEOs, and Start-ups in businesses that cross the intersection of technology and design.
I love to share my area of expertise. Typical occasions are corporate off-sites, seminars and conferences.
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